Sunday, November 30, 2008

Layout of Your Resume

Layout of Your Resume

On this site we aim to bring you all the Resume writing tips, facts and secrets of the experts so that you won't make the common mistakes and let yourself down when it comes to writing your Resume or CV.

We are going to show you exactly what you need to do and how to write a Resume and win your dream job.
Don't be put off by the task, it will be worthwhile. With the information provided for you on this site you will be able to write a Resume that you will be proud to send out any prospective employer. In fact it will be so good that you will want to show it to everybody you know!
LayoutA good layout will have plenty of relevant detail but still shows lots of white space so it is not too off-putting to the reader. Notice that the most prominent item is the NAME helping it to be remembered.
Take a look at this as a recommended style of 2-page Resume layout.

Street address, telephone and email contact details all at the top.
An introductory paragraph helps the reader to know about your level of work, your sectors and highlights your key skills.
Career section clearly starts with previous employer and job title on the left with dates on the right margin.Follow this with a section of 'Achievements' focused on your outputs and value-added.

Repeat for each of your previous employments, reducing the level of detail. But aim for no more than two pages. Page two continues to go further back into your history, but anything older than say 10 years becomes less relevant other than as a record. Older employments can just be entered with name and dates for the record.
Now enter your Professional Qualifications and Memberships with appropriate dates.
A summary of specialist skills such as Operating Systems, foreign or computer languages or other areas that bring depth to your Resume can be added at this point.
If you can achieve a clear layout like this you are on the way to an interview-winning Resumé and getting the dream job you desire.

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