Friday, January 30, 2009

The 7 Most Common Job Interview Question

You would be hard pressed to find someone who enjoys the job interview process. It can be extremely nerve wracking and stressful. It also requires an individual to take a risk. Job seekers risk rejection, embarrassment and poor performance when job hunting. However, because it is very difficult to survive without employment, job hunting and interviews are necessary evils. It is very important for job seekers to be prepared before they go on a job interview. One great way to prepare is to review common interview questions and research various interview tips. This will give the job seeker the best opportunity to land their dream job. In this article we are going to discuss some common interview questions, how to best answer them and also provide the reader with interview tips to help them get the job. The 7 most common interview questions that individuals should be prepared to answer are:

1) "What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?"

2) "Tell me a little bit about yourself."

3) "How do you think your skill set fits into this company?"

4) "How do you feel about working with others?"

5) "What types of challenging situations did you face at your last job and how did you deal with them?"

6) "What is your biggest weakness?"

7) "What is one professional or personal achievement that you are proud of?"

When an interviewer asks for you to tell them about yourself, they are really not looking for personal information. They are trying to figure out how your past professional experience fits in with their company and whether or not it has prepared you for the job opening. Therefore, only speak about your professional experience and accomplishments. Avoid the personal details.

An interviewer may also ask you about your experience working within teams. This is because more and more companies are shifting towards team-based projects. Therefore, they want to be sure that they hire individuals who are able to work well with others.

You will likely be asked about what special qualities and skills you posses which qualify you for the job. It's important that you think of answers to these types of questions beforehand. Read the job description very closely and then tie in your skill set to what the company is looking for. The skills and experiences that you mention should prove to the company that you are capable of handling the job.

You may be asked at your interview how you have handled tough situations in the past. The interviewer is looking to see how you handle conflict and/or stress at the work place. Obviously, they will not want to hire someone who has a melt down when things don't go their way or when someone disagrees with them. Think carefully about your answer. Pick a situation where you successfully diffused a tense situation, came through on a project or dealt admirably with either a co-worker or customer who was upset or confrontational.

You may also be questioned about the types of achievements that you have accomplished. Now you want to emphasize great things that you have done on previous jobs. However, if you have there are some particularly impressive personal feats that you have accomplished such as completing a marathon or winning the Nobel Peace Prize, then these may be achievements that are worth noting even if they are personal.

Remember to always be prepared to answer common interview questions . If you follow the interview tips listed above, you should be fine. Just relax and believe in your abilities.

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