Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to relax Before an Exam/Apptitude Test

Exams are responsible for shaping our professional lives and cannot be avoided. These exams however cause much stress and tension and we would talk exactly on how you can ease the stress levels with some easy techniques.
Exams are an integral part of student life. However giving these exams can be an inordinately stressful experience. Wondering if you are well prepared, whether you will be able to answer all the questions are common feelings that one encounters during the exam time. Much as we would like to avoid exams they are an unavoidable reality of our lives. However with some simple strategies it is possible to cope with the stress of exams.

Some Tips to Help You Relax before an Exam

* Positive mindset holds critical importance in ensuring that you perform better in the exam. It is quite common to go through the exam jitters and have negative thoughts. The only way to counter this is through positive thoughts.
* It is important that you complete your studies well in time so that you can give the exams without the fear. Plan out your studies properly, read notes, solve past questions and discuss problems or issues with common friends. Group study can also help you cover the portion in time. As you study make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Cover the subjects that you feel you are weak in as this will only help you to feel more confident on the whole. Don’t make it a habit to stay up too late every night because a good night’s sleep is crucial to help you maintain your focus.
* If you plan and study properly then you will feel more confident and it will give you clarity to write the answers well. While you are preparing for the exams take some time out and relax. In this time you can go for a walk in the park, listen to some music or take up an activity that will help you relax.
* Many students feel nauseous before the exams. To control the feeling of anxiety and to prevent panic from setting in you can try to breathe deeply and slowly. You can tell yourself to take it easy and relax. If you do that you will realize that the feeling of anxiety can pass easily.
* It is equally important that you reach your exam center or hall in time. Keep to yourself at the exam center. Refrain from discussing with fellow students as you may discover that you haven’t covered some areas and that can make you feel panicky. Carry a watch so that you can keep track of the time while you are writing your exam.
* Be aware of the format of the exam so that you can plan out the exact time you need to give to every question. This will allow you to complete the exam well without being stuck in any portion. Read the paper entirely before you start writing. Make an appraisal of the answers that you can write well and start with those. Even if you feel you can’t write some answers properly don’t panic. Plan out the answer to each question and write it logically. Make notes of points that you need to incorporate in each answer.
* If you catch yourself worrying about any question stop yourself there, take a deep breath and regain your composure. You can use a mantra or an auto suggestion to infuse confidence in yourself. Something like, "I can do it" can help you maintain your focus on the task at hand.
* Drink water before you start your exam but avoid drinking too much water during the exam. Keep a small bottle so that you can keep yourself hydrated. Also ensure that you eat something an hour before the exam so you do not feel hungry during the exam. Do not eat too much before the exam as that can make you feel sleepy. Also avoid eating excessively heavy meals or oily food during the exam time. Drinking herbal tea can help you relax. Avoid excessive consumption of stimulants such as coffee or tea during the exam period.
* Once you are finished with the exam do something good for yourself. This will help you stop worrying about the exam and your performance. And remember it is just an exam at the end of the day so don’t base your worth on the exam and its results.

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