Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dream Job - A Reality Check

In life the quest for the perfect career is a challenging experience. This is a dream almost all of us have in common. To quantify this success, we need to have clarity of thought and persistence in finding our potential.

Many of us tend to develop a laid back attitude, or are indecisive and wait, hoping for something better, letting go of the best opportunities. We don’t recognize the goose that is here to lay a golden egg in our backyard.

There is an endless need for people in every industry and along with it are the competitions to reach to the top. When this big picture is cut into tiny pieces then it is easy to proceed in an organized and systematic manner. But if you are uncertain, then this same picture will appear jumbled like a jigsaw puzzle. You will be struggling with every piece, trying to match with the right shape and size.

As a college fresher, I had met with a guidance counselor for suggestions.

“So what kind of a job are you looking for?” she asked.

“A job with a lot of money,” I replied with confidence.

“And what are you willing to do for this?”

“As little work as possible.”

The rib-tickling laughter of the counselor still echoes in my mind.

First you need to know the expectations that you have from your career. The number one priority could be money. We all have to eat and pay bills.

The second could be job satisfaction. You need that to wake up in the morning, feel refreshed and be enthusiastic to start a new day. Besides these there are other factors that affect this decision like peer and family pressure. You may want to remain with that close circle of friends and pursue what they are doing or do what your parents want to you do, just to make them feel proud. In this process, you ignore the inner voice and suppress your aspirations.

Learn to diversify your skills and knowledge, keeping in mind the job descriptions. For example: If you are a person who loves to talk and enjoys making new friends. Then you can convert this trait into a profession. You can seek employment in a customer service department, public relations or guest relations of an organization. Going an extra mile to make people feel at home and developing a bond with them, fulfills your passion. And believe me, people do acknowledge this gesture. This also acts as a good recommendation for your future placements.

Skills never get wasted; it is their quality that diminishes because of our failure to consider them worthwhile. At many interviews a frequently asked question is, “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

Can you truthfully answer this question without taking a minute to think? If you are able to, then you have made the right career choice. But if you are not sure and need to think of a diplomatic answer then you will have to reorganize your priorities. So strike a balance with the market trends and your interests, widen and highlight your skills. Reword your resume and get the dream job that you are so passionate about.

Success is always at your fingertips, it just knows the right skill to grab it.

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