Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interviewing tips to get you that Job

During an interview, there will probably be discussions on topics such as job performance, experience, education, strength and weaknesses and operating style. You can also expect to be asked these three most popular questions: Tell me a little about yourself? What are your weaknesses? Why did you leave your last job? Be prepared to give winning answers to these and other questions.

Here are samples of questions and winning answers.

When asked to talk about yourself, some people may start by saying: “I’m Mary, I was born in Texas, reared d in North Carolina, finished high school and went to college. I am now looking for a job so that I can get a piece of the American Dream.” They can see that you have a story, but this is not what they are looking for at this time. An example is to elaborate on what you can offer the company to help the organization meet its goals.

When asked to talk about your weaknesses, some people may start by saying: “I can only lift the five-pound dumb bells when I exercise. I am trying to get to the next level which is the ten-pound bell.” They can see that you have been exercising, but they are not looking for answers to exercising problems. Try elaborating on weaknesses that are real, understandable and work-related. An example: “I used to have a tendency of always being late for meetings. Now I keep everything on a daily calendar on my computer with a program that plays music to remind me of my meetings ahead of time so that I will not miss them.” To find the answer to this question, look back over your work experiences for challenges you conquered in the past such as learning new computer software, public speaking, research, writing a report and dealing with a difficult employee.

When they ask why did you leave your last job, some people may start by saying: “My boss was a jerk and he hired a group of losers.” They can see that you want to vent about past frustrations, but this is not the time to trash your boss and coworkers. During the interview it is important to be honest and to stay positive. Try elaborating on your desire for growth and new opportunities on the job. An example: “My company downsized and laid off our department, and because of it, I am seeking a higher level of responsibility to enhance my career.”

Always be prepared to discuss topics such as job benefits, salary, travel, promotion and working hours. Be prepared to answer the “Why” questions such as the ones listed below: Why did you decide to apply for a position at this company? Why should we hire you? To answer these questions, you will have to speak about your abilities, strong work ethics, integrity, honesty and goals. The winning answers to these and other questions will help you to get that job.

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