Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Job Interview: A Quick Guide to Basic Principles and Strategy

The objective of job interview is for the employer to evaluate and assess the job seeker to determine whether his is suitable for the job. The employer uses the interview to verify the claims the job hunter made in his Resume/CV and / or other communications made earlier. The other side is for the candidate to evaluate whether the employer meets his own specifications.

• There are three important keys to success at job interview
o Preparation
o Adequate Preparation
o Thorough Preparation
• Preparation tips for you:
o Gather all information and document you may need for the
o Research the job, the company and the industry
o Rehearse and practice. Acquire and/or formulate possible questions, prepare answers (better in writing) before the interview date.
• Keep these at the back of your mind:
1. Observe the 50: 50 rule. The rule says that you share the talking time with the employer equally.
2. Observe the 20 sec – 2 min rule. This rule says that your response to any question should last between 20 seconds and 2 mins, and not longer.
3. Be seeing as part of the solution not a contributor to his many problems
4. Employers think the way you conduct you job search is the way you do your work
5. Go with evidence, if you can.
6. Determine not to ‘bad – mouth’ your previous employer or boss.
7. Employers are scared too
8. You must not put off employer by failure or indiscretion in the areas of appearance and etiquettes.

• Non – verbal communication is vital if not more important that verbal communications.
o manage your points of contact – your eyes and hands. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer(s).
o understand and manage body language. You send signals with your body, and receive non-verbal feedback from the interviewer(s) on your own part,

• At the end of the interview If you want the job, say so: ask for the job, directly.

• When you get home Evaluate the interview. What went well? How can you improve?

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