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As a career counselor, I am often called upon to give advice regarding the best way to undertake a job search. After 30 years of experience, I can tell you that job hunting is one of those tasks in life that can cause a great deal of stress. If a rating scale of major stress producers existed, job hunting would certainly be third on the list after the death of a loved one or divorce from a spouse.

The main cause of this stress is the fact that you have to sell yourself to others, usually strangers, with little or no training in how to sell yourself. This situation is similar to asking someone out on a date - if the answer is no, it's rejection and that's painful. As a result, many people do as little as possible when attempting to find employment hoping that, through some miracle, a job will fall into their laps. This failing strategy is often used even though these same job seekers fully understand the importance of work in their life.

If this sounds familiar, take heart, there's good news! The process of searching for employment can be made more bearable and your chances of success increased if you approach the task correctly by using proven job hunting techniques. Finding employment is a task that requires certain knowledge and skills in order to complete successfully - knowledge and skills that you can easily develop.


The purpose of this article is to introduce you to 10 “tried and true” techniques that through the test of time have helped millions of people secure employment. While no job hunting strategy is right for everyone, by adopting these techniques you can improve your chances of finding the job that you want. Techniques are presented in sequential order, you should learn and complete each technique in the order presented.


It is expected that you may have some questions, or difficulty, as conduct your job search - this is normal. If you do, you should seek assistance from a professional career counselor. Naturally, you are invited to“Discover How to Quickly And Easily
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Also, please feel free to print out a copy of this article for your own personal use.


It's not good luck that will get you a job, it's your talent and the use of good job hunting techniques!

So, here's my advice...

Step 1: Get your head on straight

Step 2: Conduct a self-assessment

Step 3: Determine your job hunting objectives

Step 4: Prepare your career portfolio

Step 5: Organize a support group

Step 6: Identify target employers

Step 7: Apply for employment

Step 8: Interview for employment

Step 9: Accept or reject the offer

Step 10: Evaluate the process
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